Truck Parking Locations in Europe for download

Why truck parking locations are needed

Battery electric trucks in long-haul operation need public charging infrastructure. Ideally, some of today's truck parking locations will be equipped with charging infrastructure. Megawatt charging would be useful next to major highways and lower charging power would be helpful in many locations for overnight charging.

Charge point operators need truck parking data to find locations for the built up of truck charging infrastructure but this data is hardly available. The European Automobile Manufacturers' Association (ACEA) provided interactive maps for today's truckstop locations in long-haul operation and regionaloperation, as well as countryspecific maps (see here for a full screenversion). However, the geo data was not available for download. This gap is now filled by the new data set provided here.

How we obtained truck parking locations

Fraunhofer ISI collected data on truck parking lots and makes them available for download (link below). We searched open street map for Parking Areas, Rest Areas, and Fueling Stations which are publicly accessible and suitable for trucks. We also added information about the distance to the European transport network to each location. The locations obtained were locally clustered and filtered. In total we obtained 19,700 truck parking locations in Europe.

Lkw-Parkplätze in Europa

Data download